Photography : The Photographers Journey 1

a late summer walk
walking with photography
guiding rails and stairs

I took this image at Stoke Bruerne eleven days ago on the 13th September using the Fuji X100V and I have returned to it today because of something I am now going to watch today via zoom.

I remember walking down to the canal having parked on the Angela’s campsite I was on my own, the day before I was going to be teaching a workshop about cameracraft, whisch would then be followed by a heritage photography experience day I was co-hosting with Robert H which would see 25 fellow members of the Royal Photographic Society arrive.

The RPS is in difficulties at the moment because the design of a new CRM (Customer relationship management) they are trying to implement has failed. I currently volunteer in a number of areas for the society and it makes my role tricky but that is a story I do not want to be writing about this morning. What I want to ask is what is a photographer’s journey? Today’s zoom might give me some answers, maybe, because it is the day of the RPS AGM and the President Simon Hill promises to talk about a new concept the RPS hopes to champion which he calls The Photographers Journey. I was thinking about what my journey has been and thought of the image I post above because somehow it makes me think of a long journey that has taken many directions over many years.

I grabbed the above from the RPS website before it vanished, it shows my journey in photography over the last 44 years. I am told by the CEO that not many people used the CV section of the website so they are not keeping it. I think that is a sad decision because I used to look at a lot of member’s and my RPS is about the members, and last year I was proud to received the RPS Fenton Medal for my services to the Members and Photography.

What I will be thinking about today is where my journey in photography is heading in the future…………

In a haiku world a ginko is a walk through nature observing

and as I ginko I make images of the things I notice

I then write a haiku in a moment as a response the images I make, that makes me stop to think

Finally I blog here about what the image and haiku make me think about

© Stewart Wall 2022

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