The telephoto lens changes the perception of reality

feeling hemmed in
the camera never lies
telephoto squash

The clocks went back last night. I think Shona is enjoying the extra sleep time, although I am unsure why we allow clocks to manage our time.
We are at Conkers, one of our favourite campsites, which is in the National Forest. As I looked out of the window above my bed the angle made the campsite look sort of squashed but actually it has lots of space between pitches. I used the 150mm focal length on the Olympus EM1 to squash us up even more!

When I take a photograph that really interests me I often write a little haiku. I write them in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables. They do not have to rhyme, they do not have to describe the photograph, they are simply what the image led me to write. I only allow myself 60 seconds to write it. It is about being in the moment of seeing the photograph, just as my photographs are made in the moment of seeing.

In a haiku world a ginko is a walk through nature observing

and as I ginko I make images of the things I notice

I then write a haiku in a moment as a response the images I make, that makes me stop to think

Finally I blog here about what the image and haiku make me think about

© Stewart Wall 2022

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