A Haiku Photographers Journey 2 : Farewell Caistor Blooms

No more buzzing bees
chill is around the corner
wait to make the spring

I took my first walk outside since I fell down the stairs last week and almost crippled myself falling down the stairs. It was good to get out and I was pleased I managed it but I felt stiff. I took the Fuji 100V with a purpose to photograph some of the Caistor Blooms, who as Autumn takes hold will leave us soon. When I was watching the video on Pea TV yesterday Stanford M Forrester talked about seeing and exlained that in haiku seeing is not always about the visual, but also about what we hear, what we smell etc. He refered Jack Kerouac and the Jazz. I will save the Jaz for another day. As I looked at the yellow flowers I saw the drooping petals and smelled their last beauty. Another set opposite were already faded to brown.

The Flower

Forrester spoke specifically about a flower, and said that when seeing a flower, we see everything that went into making that flower, the seed, the soil, the rain etc etc. I think that takes some thinking about

If you have any thoughts or ideas about haiku and/or haiku photography please let me know by commenting below. I would love to read them

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In a haiku world a ginko is a walk through nature observing

and as I ginko I make images of the things I notice

I then write a haiku in a moment as a response the images I make, that makes me stop to think

Finally I blog here about what the image and haiku make me think about

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