Ginko Way Workshop July 14th 2023

The Day Before The Bristol Festival

The Ginko Way : Going Beyond Street Photography

An Immersive Urban and Rural Exploration into Creating Impactful Images and Photobooks

Ginko Way Photography and Photobook Workshop : Friday July 14th 2023 10am to 4pm

Over the weekend July 15 and 16 the Bristol Harbour becomes a centre for creative activities and it is estimated around 250, 000 visitors will arrive. The Ginko Way is visiting the day before on Friday 14th July 2023 when it should be quieter to deliver a workshop for photographers interested in creating more impactful images and to create a Ginko Collective Photo-book zine with a narrative that tells the story of the ‘Day Before The Bristol Festival’.

Ginko Way Photography and Photo book Workshops are led by professional photographer and photobook designer Stewart Wall, who is also a qualified teacher.

During the  workshops Stewart will share with you professional methods of creating impactful images that work together cohesively as a project for a photobook.

From the images we make during the workshop Stewart will design a photobook and send you a complimentary copy so you can see how the process comes together.

The Workshop Tutor

Stewart began his career in 1978 as a press photographer whilst still a schoolboy and then returned to academia to complete a Lincoln University degree in photography in 2015, going on to complete an MA in Visual Communication (photography) at the University of Hertfordshire before completing a one year level 7 PGCE teaching qual at Hull University.

In 2021 he was awarded the Royal Photographic Society Fenton Medal and made an Honorary Life Member of The Society. He is a Chair of Assessors on RPS Licentiate distinctions and wrote the initial criteria and chaired the Distinctions Photo book assessments for the first two years. He has also delivered numerous workshops for them including  ‘Power of Project Photography’, ‘ Designing Professional Looking Photo-books with Affinity Publisher’ and Cameracraft workshops for them.

During the Ginko Way ‘Beyond Street Photography’ workshops Stewart creates immersive, challenging and intensive learning experiences that will help elevate your photography to a new level. He shares with you professional methods of creating impactful images and seeing beyond the obvious. Attendees have remarked after the workshops that they felt they could see photographically for the first time!

The Workshop Plan

Contemplation by Peter Range I An image taken on a previous Ginko Way Workshop

10am Briefing We will meet for coffee or breakfast and the briefing / tutorial session during which we will explore:

  • The Photo Book Plan
  • 3 Creative approaches to making a cohesive set of images for the photo book
  • Methods of seeing images others miss
  • Feeling confident using a camera in public
  • Camera Craft: best techniques and camera settings to use

Morning Shoot

Following the Photo-route Stewart has arranged we build on the lessons during the briefing/tutorial and undertake a number of challenges and exercises that are designed to help attendees create impactful photographs that work together to say something about the experience of walking with a camera the Ginko Way.


We will stop for lunch for a debrief and discussion about the experience so far, exchanging stories about the images we shot. As well as learning from Stewart the Ginko Way is about collective learning. Attendees often make new photography friends on these events and keep in touch afterwards.

Afternoon Shoot

If appropriate we then walk the same route but the opposite way to the morning. This is totally appropriate as the light will often be different and we see things in different ways from a different direction. Often, the best images come from walking the same beat again.

Debrief Session

We will meet again for a further Q&A and to discuss what to submit for the photobook. If you send in images for the book then you will be sent a copy free of charge. Some attendees choose to write a haiku to their images and during the debrief Stewart will hand out a brief guide to writing them.

During the Workshop you will learn how to

  • Develop a photographer’s ‘eye’ and how to predict and create photo opportunities that others miss in everyday scenes
  • Engage with different approaches to create impactful photography
  • Create cohesive photography projects
  • Develop your own style of photography
  • Be confident in using a camera in a public place
  • Work with a camera quietly and unobtrusively and not be noticed by others
  • Understand best practice technical aspects of using equipment, camera settings, composition, exposure, light and focus to create impactful photography

Post Workshop

After the workshop attendees will be invited to submit a set of 5 images (plus optional haiku) for submission to the collective Ginko Way Photo-book Zine. Anyone submitting work will then be sent a complimentary copy. An additional bonus is that Stewart will always be at the end of an email / telephone to help you on your way, now you have joined the Ginko Way Collective to create more impactful photography.

Book your space on the workshop for £35 (normal cost is £85) (Price includes a complimentary copy of the workshop photobook)

Payment can be made either via Paypal, or by debit/credit card by checking out as a guest