elvis at Loewen
we sheltered from the showers
sunny days to come

Its Sunday and we are staying at the Mablethorpe Camping and Caravan Club site for a week. Shona has been with us for the weekend but with work beckoning has gone home leaving Jessica and Jay with me.
Before she left though we headed off to see the 2022 film about Elvis and having got there an hour early spent half an hour on the beach before the forecast rain arrived.
The film was long, but very moving and showed what a tough life Elvis had at the hands of Tom Parker, his manipulative manager, which is a story that happens many times in life between people, where one takes advantage of another.
The film also reminded me of how i remember my Dad being really upset when he heard the shocking news that Elvis had died at just 42 back in the 1970s. My dad was born just 9 days after Elvis was born, and died 17 years after him.

Photograph taken July 2nd 2022

all images ©Stewart Wall 2022

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