Grimsby Fish Dock October 22nd on Heritage Day ©Wall,2022

the lonely cyclist
peddling through the art of life
feathered emotions

Shona and I visited the Grimsby Docks yesterday at the invite of Stella Jackson who is the Grimsby Heritage Action Zone Manager.

We met some amazing people at the event, and had some great conversations.

I was left with a feeling of loss, the loss of a great industry,

and a question which asks what makes something art. I think that is a big question.

Grimsby Fish Dock October 22nd on Heritage Day ©Wall,2022

When I take a photograph that really interests me I often write a little haiku. I write them in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables. They do not have to rhyme, they do not have to describe the photograph, they are simply what the image led me to write. I only allow myself 60 seconds to write it. It is about being in the moment of seeing the photograph, just as my photographs are made in the moment of seeing.

In a haiku world a ginko is a walk through nature observing

and as I ginko I make images of the things I notice

I then write a haiku in a moment as a response the images I make, that makes me stop to think

Finally I blog here about what the image and haiku make me think about

© Stewart Wall 2022

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